Dock's Club

The Dock's club is a nightclub located in Lisbon (Alcantara). This is a club aimed at those wishing an extremely lively evening!


The space reinvented itself over the years, always maintaining its multifaceted character.

Considered one of the preferred areas of Lisbon nightlife, The Dock's Club in Lisbon has to offer filled nights with a bit of all musical styles, mixing also Energy, Good Environment and Beautiful People.


The space consists of six bars, three private areas, a terrace and a center dance floor where the animation is guaranteed.


Much more than a nightclub in Lisbon, The Dock's Club is a club that maintains a loyal audience and is constantly increasing the number of fans! 


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Open Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Holiday Eve.

 Docks Club. Your Club. The Best Club.

The Docks Club
Lisboa - The Dock´s Club